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From day one your child will begin learning life saving skills. Our trained instructors will take them through our Float to Stroke© 3 step program;

Safety skills, Progressive Swimming, and Stroke work.

Video: 2 years old 13 lessons

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make your own schedule

We are the only program to let you make your own schedule. Come as often as you want. You pick and choose your class times and we offer multiple classes to cater to any schedule.


No matter a child's age, skill level or back ground our program fits any need. Unlike other swim programs we don't use a level system for learning. Each child will learn survival skills and then progress naturally to swimming strokes. We use personality profiling and one on one instruction to make each lesson the perfect fit and pace for your child. Making us Utah's best Float to Stroke© swim school. We guarantee progression in just 10 lessons.

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"All of my children are not only water safe but completely confident and independent swimmers. They learned more in one lesson at Aquatics Academy than years of lessons at other programs!"

Cassidy W.

"They have helped my boy go from not being able to put his head under the water to learning the butterfly!"

Brian B.

Our Story

Aquatics Academy is a local family owned and operated business that specializes in survival swimming. Established in 2005, we here at Aquatics Academy have helped thousands of children, teens, and even adults learn to swim. What makes our program so unique is the personalization of each lesson to each student. Our instructors use personality profiling, which allows each student to progress at their own pace. Our system along with complete one on one instruction allows each lesson to be beneficial. Not only do the students’ progress faster than any other swim program but the students skill set is above and beyond any other programs we've seen. Our results include increased confidence in and around the water, shorter progression timelines, safety awareness and improved stroke form, strength, coordination, agility, and speed. And a life long love of the water.


With no membership fees, no cancellation fees, and an easy convenient online scheduling system, Aquatics Academy strives to offer our clients unparalleled service. We promise to continually push ourselves to be at the forefront of the aquatics industry when it comes to convenience, flexibility, safety, trust, communication and results.