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Aquatics Academy is a local family owned and operated business that specializes in infant survival swimming. Established in 2005, we here at Aquatics Academy have helped thousands of children, teens, and even adults learn to swim. What makes our program unique is the personalization of each lesson to each student. Our instructors use personality profiling, which allows each student to progress at their own pace. Our system along with complete one on one instruction allows each lesson to be beneficial. Not only do the students’ progress faster than any other swim program but the students skill set is above and beyond any other programs we've seen. Our results include increased confidence in and around the water, shorter progression timelines, safety awareness and improved stroke form, strength, coordination, agility, and speed. 


With no membership fees, no cancellation fees, and an easy convenient online scheduling system, Aquatics Academy strives to offer our clients unparalleled service. We promise to continually push ourselves to be at the forefront of the aquatics industry when it comes to convenience, flexibility, safety, trust, and results.

terms & policies

Due to the nature of our bookings we do require a 24 hour notice for cancellations. All cancellations must be made online through your Schedule login.  Anything inside of that time frame is considered a no-show and you will be charged for the lesson. You are welcome to inform us if your child is sick the day of your lesson but due to our busy schedules and the nature of our bookings we can not credit the lesson back to your account. You are permitted to give the time slot to a friend or bring a sibling in the others place.  


All lesson purchases are final and therefore non-refundable. You can see our openings before making any purchases by simply logging in from the Schedule page. Lessons will expire one year from the original purchase date. Promotional lessons may be subject to a different expiration date and will be noted at the time of purchase. You are permitted to transfer lessons between accounts, this can be done on your dashboard. 



10681 South 300 East Sandy 84070

Directions: Take the 106th Freeway Exit, Head east for about a mile. Turn Right onto Green Ridge Dr (about 300 East), Street is Located Behind Solstice Retirement home and next to the the Trax. If you drive over Trax, you just missed the street, there is no street sign.

Parking: Pull into the driveway and continue into the back lot parking. Then enter through back gate next to parking lot.


The Sandy Location is a residential back yard pool. We are Open Year Round and the water is Heated! 


Getting Started

Scheduling just got easy! We have a Do-It-Yourself scheduling system that your going to love! 

Unlike other programs, you don't have to come to your lesson at one time each week and hope thats enough pool time. If there is a time slot open on our schedule that works for your busy life, Snag it! Show up and the instructor will be ready to teach your child no matter what level they are in!
To start:

Click Schedule.

Create an account.

Go to your Dashboard to add your kids information in by clicking "add learner."

Purchase your lessons, they act as a credit on your account and will be deducted as your reserve time slots.

Click Calendar, You will see teachers listed on top and the times on the side. 

The blue button that says "+ schedule" means that slot is available! 

Click that button and then select the child you want in that time slot, and Wahla! Its yours!

New Times Posted:​

Each month on the 15th at 8am we will add a new month of booking to our calendar. This allows you to book 2 to 3 months in advance. 

Need to cancel: We require a 24 hour notice when canceling a lesson. If you are outside of that time frame, simply go to the day on the calendar that you want to cancel, find your child's time slot and click the circle with the line through it. The lesson will be removed from the schedule and credited back to your account. If your child is sick the day of, you can try to reschedule this with your instructor, but due to their busy schedules, we can not credit or refund anything canceled the morning of. It will be considered a No Show and you will be charged for the time slot.

Change to a different time:

You can change the time of your lesson the day of one hour before your lesson has started if a later slot is available. As long as your lesson has not started you can drag and drop to the new time slot by clicking and holding the cross on the right hand side of your child's time slot box. We recommend doing this on a computer. 



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